Magazine Logos & Frequency Verification


Please review the following publication logos and frequencies for the magazine titles currently measured in the MARS Consumer Health Study.

If everything looks correct, submit confirmation for your magazine titles through the form on the right.

If something is incorrect, please use the form on the right to submit corrections as soon as possible, including when the logo or frequency change went into effect.

For new logos, please provide a high resolution image in Black & White and 300 DPI or higher. Preferred file formats: PNG, TIF, JPG, or EPS.


MARS uses the following publication periods:

  • 28+ times per year = Weekly
  • 19-27 times per year = Bi-Weekly
  • 14-18 times per year = Tri-Weekly
  • 9-13 times per year = Monthly
  • 6-8 times per year = Bi-Monthly

Verification Form

If you have any questions or would like to let us know about a change of primary point of contact for a magazine, you can include an additional message in the form above or email Veronika Berisha.