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Treatment Types and Brands
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Media Properties
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Information Sources

The industry’s most comprehensive dataset of health consumers, connecting conditions, treatments, media usage, health behaviors and attitudes

Since 2001, the MARS Consumer Health Study has been the industry’s most widely used platform for audience planning and profiling. Used by ad agencies, brands, consultancies, and media companies seeking stable and reliable media and healthcare data that is projectable to the U.S. population. No other study provides this level of data and a 360-degree view of your target patient groups.

Actionable data and insight for agencies, brands, and media

Study Content Overview

A complete picture of a patient population, with health and lifestyle intersecting media consumption.

Patients & Caregivers

Health Conditions

  • 100+ health conditions
  • Professionally diagnosed
  • Severity
  • When first diagnosed
  • At risk
  • Treatments

Prescription & Non-Prescription Drugs

  • 400+ Rx and OTC brands
  • Satisfaction with Rx
  • Vitamin use

Caregivers & Other Family Members

  • 30+ Health conditions of family members
  • Caregiver relationship
  • Support activities
  • Medical decision involvement

Healthcare Professionals, Point of Care & Insurance

Medical Professionals & Services

  • Relationship with PCP
  • HCPs specialties visited past year
  • Actions taken after seeing HCP
  • Healthcare facilities/services
  • POC media and education materials

Medical Tests & Vaccinations

  • Annual physical
  • Importance of medical check-ups
  • Medical tests taken
  • Vaccinations

Health Insurance & Purchasing Medication

  • Type of coverage
  • Number of Rx purchased for self
  • How and where purchased Rx

Health Information Sources & Attitudes

Health Information Sources Valued

  • Online
  • TV
  • Point of Care (doctor, nurse/PA, digital education materials)
  • Point of purchase (take-home materials, pharmacist)
  • Publications and other (friends/family, direct mail, etc.)

Healthcare & Pharma Attitudes & Opinions

  • Drugs
  • Online health
  • Social media
  • Mobile health
  • Doctors/treatments
  • Healthcare advertising
  • Personal health
  • Vaccines
  • Diet & exercise
  • Anti-aging
  • Children’s health

Lifestyle behaviors & Demographics

Overall Health

  • Health status
  • Stress level
  • Outlook for future
  • Preventative health
  • Personal control over health and motivation for improving health
  • Tobacco use

Diet & Exercise

  • Exercise frequency & barriers
  • BMI
  • Evaluation/concern about diet
  • Reasons for managing diet
  • Foods eaten on diet/nutrition plan
  • Weight loss programs & goals


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Hispanic
  • Spanish language
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Geographic

Sports & Leisure

  • Regular participation in activities (sports/exercise, outdoors, leisure/entertainment, self-improvement)

Media Consumption

Device Ownership & Brands

  • Smart TVs
  • Media streaming devices
  • Smart speakers
  • Fitness trackers

Time Spent with Media (hours in a typical day)

  • Television: Any platform, live, streaming, etc
  • Radio, streaming music & podcasts
  • Internet
  • Social media
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

Television - Linear and Digital

How TV is Watched

  • Time of day
  • Devices
  • Proportion of viewership from streaming vs live
  • Smart TV/streaming device brands

Platforms & Networks

  • Streaming platforms used
  • 40+ TV genres and sports watched

Websites, Social, Streaming Audio/podcasts


  • Health & general websites: Visitation & frequency
  • Types of sites valued for health information

Social Media

  • Platforms used & frequency
  • Value for health information
  • Where saw/heard advertising
  • Visited social site related to a condition/treatment after HCP visit

Online Health Resources

  • Internet use and frequency for health & wellness
  • Health apps used
  • Online health-related activities
  • Online & mobile health attitudes
  • Online actions taken after HCP visit

Online Interests

  • 20+ topics regularly researched or followed online

Magazines, Newspapers, Radio/Streaming Music & Podcasts


  • Titles and genres read, print, print/digital, and websites


  • Readership frequency & number read

Radio, Streaming Music & Podcasts

  • Weekday/weekend daypart listening/streaming
  • Devices used
  • Music streaming services & podcast platforms used
  • Podcast listening frequency

Healthcare Advertising

Health Advertising Exposure & Actions Taken

  • Where saw/heard healthcare ads (social, podcasts, TV, doctor’s office, etc.)
  • Actions taken as a result
Acessing the Data

MARS data is available to clients via multiple platforms and formats for maximum convenience and utility

Our Approach

Rigorous Methodology, Calibration, & Transparent Weighting

With robust sample sizes and broad coverage of lower incidence conditions, the MARS Study provides deep insights into the behaviors and attitudes of consumers, patients and caregivers connected to healthcare information, pharma and omnichannel media.

An annual, bilingual survey of U.S. adults, sourced from a representative sample and projectable to the total adult population. MARS Study data is calibrated to government and industry sources to provide reliable and trendable results.

All data is privacy and HIPAA compliant, with no personal information associated with results, and all survey respondents are 100% opt-in for aggregated data analysis and statistical modelling.