Custom Solutions

Meet your specific needs with a custom offer because one size does not fit all

We can work with you to better meet the specific needs of your brand, including:


Custom Survey

Media prototyping, association membership, buying intentions, rare disease, condition-specific insights, longitudinal trackers, patient communities.

Patient and HCP Segmentations

Appending or developing a brand’s segmentation or other custom data to our syndicated databases allows clients to build deeper insights for analysis and elevate their media strategies for key targets or customized messaging.

HCP Target List Matching

Align syndicated HCP strategic insights and media measurement data with your brand’s target lists to understand similarities and differences in media behavior against the specialty overall, compare interactions with sales reps, evaluate a platform’s potential reach amongst your target audience, plan media, and more to better inform and develop strategy.


Data analysis of syndicated or custom studies available in tables, charts, PPT decks, executive summaries or dashboards.