Understand Your Customer

Syndicated research for data-driven decision-making

M3 MI data and insights solutions help clients:

Actionable data and insights for...


  • Get a 360 degree view of your customers for profiling and segmentation
  • Generate cross-platform omnichannel insights, and allocate marketing budgets across the most effective channels
  • Create unique personas for customized communication
  • Equip in-house media teams with the tools they need for effective analysis and planning
  • Monitor competitive ad spend, impressions, messaging and audiences targeted to stay on top of breaking campaign activity
  • Determine level of advertising investment needed to achieve desired share of voice
  • Align your existing Consumer and HCP Target List segmentations to the data used for media planning, for better integration of sales and marketing strategies
  • Validate your teams’ and marketing partners’ assumptions and recommendations with direct access to essential independent data and insights
  • Inform your sales team of HCP sales meeting preferences, educational tools effectiveness and information they want to acquire during interactions with reps

Marketer clients and users include: pharma, biotech, device, med tech, OTC health, consumer fitness and health, hospitals/health systems, health insurers, pharmacy, brand managers, marketing directors, in-house media departments, competitive intelligence and research teams


  • Develop marketing and media strategies based on comprehensive and robust independent data
  • Understand target audience content and platform preferences
  • Analyze competitive landscape: spend, impressions, creative and messaging
  • Generate cross-platform omnichannel insights and optimize channel mix
  • Evaluate, plan and transact media buys
  • Align syndicated HCP strategic insights and media measurement to a brands’ target lists and segmentation
  • Activate M3 MI’s 100% self-reported, opt-in, privacy compliant audiences across addressable platforms
  • Ingest ad and respondent-level survey data into in-house analysis and activation platforms
  • Increase efficiency with one source for foundational data on audiences, media, rates
  • Support business development with market intelligence for new business pitches

Agency clients and users include: consumer and healthcare, media planning/buying, trade desks, digital strategy, creative, PR


  • Document cross-platform usage and preference for their brands
  • Create compelling sales stories based on their reach to specific patient or HCP targets
  • Position your media properties’ ability to deliver exposures relative to direct competitors and the broader multi-media environment
  • Monitor and increase market share
  • Identify new advertisers and growth categories
  • Understand customer messaging to support sales strategy
  • Evaluate content and audience development performance
  • Support product development and investment strategy
  • Strengthen relationships with medical societies and contributors
  • Create personas of a brand’s users and non-users for strategic marketing
  • Understand who your audience is so editors can create relevant content
  • Strategize what markets and/or channels you should be investing in

Media clients and users include: consumer and professional health publishers, Point of Care, TV networks, ad sales and publishing teams, rep firms, research and marketing teams, audience development and content teams

Consultancies and Researchers

  • Access to unbiased, independent data derived from privacy-safe, self-reported survey research
  • A unique perspective on attitudes, behaviors, communications preferences and media consumption, not limited to widely available demographic and claims-based data points
  • Robust data for analysis, fusion with your existing datasets, or ingestion into data lakes for ML and modeling
  • Core insights on condition categories and consumer and HCP behavior, so that you can focus your own research efforts on client-specific details
  • Quick turnaround, off-the-shelf insights to meet urgent client project needs
  • A collaborative research and data team who will work with you on custom analyses, recontacts, data integrations and other projects

Clients include: Management consultants, pharma research organizations, healthcare data providers, financial analysts, media and consumer research organizations, government and academic researchers


Supplement your own member research with syndicated data that answers essential questions about the information needs, media habits, relationships with industry, adoption of emerging technologies and similar topics for the specialty or other audiences you serve.

  • Identify differences in attitudes and behaviors between members and non-members
  • Build stronger member communications, by understanding their content and channel preferences
  • Document how the market perceives and uses your website, publications and events – a valuable KPI for measuring the performance of the teams responsible for those assets
  • Gauge ad/sponsorship revenue potential from industry and your share of it
  • Support your event and publishing groups with data to drive sponsorship and advertising sales
  • Tap into M3 MI’s custom research framework to quantify member’s preferences and perceptions of your member benefits
  • Create personas of your members and non-members for strategic marketing
  • Understand who your audience is so editors can create relevant content
  • Strategize what markets and/or channels you should be investing in

Association clients include: Disease advocacy organizations, national and local medical associations, specialty medical societies, association publishing groups, meetings and events teams, membership and marketing teams,