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Navigating the Digital Shift: Enhancing Pharma Sales with AI and Personalized Physician Engagement

The integration of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), has sparked a shift in physician engagement with pharma (along with their information source and learning preferences) presenting opportunities for sales representatives to enhance their interactions and deliver greater value. As physicians increasingly embrace digital platforms for professional purposes, the role of the digitally enabled (and AI informed) sales rep is poised to transform, offering a blend of innovation and personalized engagement while embracing the AI-enhanced sales rep experience.

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Acceptance of Digital Health is Changing

COVID-19 caused patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to quickly pivot how they communicated, resulting in an unprecedented 152% increase in telemedicine visits between pre-COVID 2020 to 2021. While in-office visits returned to the norm post-pandemic, we are seeing concurrent growth of preference for telemedicine and other efficient, digital health driven and more patient-centric interactions between patients and providers. To show this trend, we looked at 3 different consumer groups; Emerging Patients (Gen Z or Millennial), Parents with Children and Caregivers (Spouse or Parent).

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